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Thought Leadership for our ultra high net worth clients, which contains thought-provoking articles, authored by leading experts from Morgan Stanley Family Office Resources.
The Power of Why

The Power of Why

If you asked me to identify the one thing that successful families have that others don’t, I’d say they have a common purpose. They understand that they share a sense of where they’re going together and what they’re trying to accomplish as...
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"I Am What I Have"

"I Am What I Have"

One of the critical services a financial advisor can provide is to help ultra-high net worth clients understand the pull of the endowment effect, the status quo bias and loss aversion in our decision-making, and help us resist coming under the sway.
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Health Risk Management

Health Risk Management

For the best financial and medical outcomes when managing an acute or ongoing health issue, individuals need a proactive, personalized strategy focused on their needs and risk factors.
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