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Our focus is consulting for municipalities, businesses, and ultra-high-net-worth clients.As a Corporate Retirement Director | Governmental Entity Specialist team, we are uniquely positioned to help municipalities across the Country understand their fiduciary responsibilities, the structure of their retirement plan, and ways they can offer the most attractive benefit to employees.Our commitment is to offer all of our clients independent, unbiased and honest advice.
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Working With You

Our objective is to make sure our clients and their families do not run out of money, which can be a real risk. This is done by operating a retirement plan with low cost, or by top performing investments and access to investment education. Delivering on a commitment of knowledge and experience to help guide participants through accumulation into retirement and on to wealth transfer.


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    Meet The Fitzgerald Group

    About Me

    Jessica has a B.A. in Economics with a Concentration in the Financial Markets from Colby College.  She is a Corporate Retirement Director, Senior Portfolio Manager, Senior Investment Consultant, and Governmental Entity Specialist with Morgan Stanley.

    In addition, she completed The University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Business Certified Investment Management Analyst Program in 2007.  She attended Consultants' University at The Chicago School of Business in 2008 and Columbia University's Academy of Certified Portfolio Managers in 2013.

    Jessica is also a Chartered Retirement Plan Specialist through the College of Financial Planning, a professional designation focused on retirement plan design, installation, maintenance, and ongoing administration of retirement plans.

    As a result of the work Jessica does with retirement plans and private clients:
    - The Financial Times named her one of the Top Retirement Advisors of 2015 and 2016
    - The National Association of Plan Advisors (NAPA) named her one of the Top Women Advisors of 2016
    - The Five Star Alliance named her a Top Wealth Manager in Detroit in 2014, 2015, and 2016
    - She has been a member of Morgan Stanley's Master's Club since 2011

    Focus: Jessica advises corporate and municipal retirement plans on plan design, plan fees, and investment selection. Her private client focus is overall asset allocation, tactical trading, and fixed income trading.
    Securities Agent: TX, MI, WI, WA, VA, TN, SC, PA, OH, NY, NM, NJ, NE, NC, MS, MO, MN, ME, MA, IN, IL, ID, IA, GA, FL, DE, CO, CA, AZ; Managed Futures; General Securities Representative; Investment Advisor Representative

    About Me

    As a Financial Advisor for the last 12 years, I believe that successful financial planning requires integrity and education. This is achieved first and foremost through an extremely dedicated team of good people, who work tirelessly to understand our clients' deepest concerns and priorities, ensuring that every relationship is built on unshakable trust. 

    While we are passionate about all stages of wealth management, and work with many individuals who are well into retirement, we have a strong commitment to the future of financial security. As such, we work hard to ensure we bring the next generation along with the dedication we provide to our client-base, of which about 60 percent is comprised of millennials, generation x and generation y families and individuals. As a multi-generational and multi-cultural team of men and women, we feel as though we can readily connect with the challenges these groups experience, creating a natural bond of trust and understanding.

    With all of our clients, we strive to build friendships, understanding that the work we do together is a marathon, not a sprint. We’re here for the long-haul, helping our clients now and in the future, in areas including:

    Wealth Management
    Corporate Business Retirement
    Wealth Transfer Strategies
    Generational Wealth Planning
    Securities Agent: MI, WI, WA, VA, UT, TX, SD, SC, RI, PR, PA, OH, NY, NV, NM, NE, ND, NC, MS, MO, MN, ME, MA, IN, IL, HI, GA, FL, CO, CA, AZ, AR; General Securities Representative; BM/Supervisor; Investment Advisor Representative
    NMLS#: 535442

    About Me

    Lisa joined The Fitzgerald Group in 2008 and brings 29 years of industry experience to the team. 

    Lisa began her career in 1988 at National Bank of Detroit and became the Assistant Branch Manager in 1996.  In 1998, she left the National Bank of Detroit to join Bank One as a Licensed Personal Banker.

    Focus: Lisa coordinates administration and operations for the team.
    Investment and Market Perspectives

    On the Markets


    Working with you to understand your life goals and develop a personalized wealth strategy. Today and for the years to come.
    • 401(k) Rollovers
    • IRA Plans
    • Retirement Income Strategies
    • Retirement Plan Participants
    • Annuities
    The Simple Six-Step Retirement Checkup

    The Simple Six-Step Retirement Checkup

    Given market volatility in 2018, checking in on your retirement plan may be one of the wisest New Year’s resolutions you can make.


    Working closely with you to guide your wealth and investments through the most challenging market cycles.
    • Asset Management
    • Wealth Planning
    • Traditional Investments
    • Alternative Investments
    • Impact Investing
    Five Smart Strategies to Use a Bonus or Raise

    Five Smart Strategies to Use a Bonus or Raise

    Have extra money coming in? Here are ways to put your money to work for you now, so you can reap the rewards down the road.

    Business Planning

    Helping you on key aspects of your business such as ownership, liquidity and developing opportunities.
    • Succession Planning
    • Business Planning
    • Retirement Plan Sponsors
    • Qualified Retirement Plans
    • Corporate Pension Funds
    6 Keys to Building a Startup

    6 Keys to Building a Startup

    Entrepreneurs share ideas and learnings from the experience of starting a company.


    Explore ideas and inspiration with captivating, original lifestyle stories created exclusively for Morgan Stanley clients.
    Make Your Words Memorable

    Make Your Words Memorable

    Master public speaking with savvy tips from the pros.

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