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As a child my family went through a severe financial hardship for a brief period of time.   During this time my parents sent me to live with some relatives. This was probably the best thing that ever happened to me. The relatives I lived with were on the opposite side of the spectrum: they were not only financially stable but as far as i was concerned, wealthy.  Seeing the two very different lifestyles in live, living color has shaped me into who I am today.  From that point in my childhood I decided to figure out how money works (how it can work for you and also how not having enough and making poor financial choices can work against you). I read books, attended courses, and most importantly aligned myself and listened to individuals who were financially savvy to learn as much as I could. I don't believe that financial success brings a person happiness. But I do believe it can provide a person choices and a sense of security. I still continue to learn more every day, it's my passion.
Securities Agent: OH, WY, WI, VT, UT, TN, PA, OR, NV, NM, NC, MI, MD, MA, IN, IL, GA, FL, CT, CA, AZ, AR; General Securities Representative; Investment Advisor Representative
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I began my career in 1996 with Merrill Lynch. It started out with a friend of mine asking me if I had any interest in working for the gentleman she babysat for. He worked for Merrill Lynch and needed someone to do some filing and other organization for him. I immediately said yes. With my desire to learn how to make good financial choices I knew I’d have a front row seat and access to people I could learn from. The first 6 months, I did some pretty high profile work such as picking up lunch, making photo copies, and filing paperwork.  I didn’t mind at all, I had gained access into a world  full of people who could and were willing to teach me. As my mentor Dave Binkley saw how eager I was to learn and do more, my role evolved. I organized seminars, assisted in researching, and eventually was asked if I wanted to become an advisor.  In 1997 as I was wrapping up my college classes  I started studying for the series 7.  I passed the Series 7, 63, & 65 tests later that year and began working for Merrill Lynch as an advisor with Dave as my mentor.   

In 2006 I attained the CFP® designation after completing all requirements and testing through the CFP® Board of Standards.  In May 2016 after 19 years with Merrill Lynch I decided that it was no longer a fit and I joined Morgan Stanley.  I felt that Morgan Stanley had gained the advantage over Merrill Lynch (who was purchased by Bank of America) as the leading provider in the financial services industry.

    Community Involvement

    In 2014 I began serving on the local Make A Wish board.  This organization does so much good for the families it helps on both a local and national level. The wishes granted to the ill children in many cases aide in their recovery and their mental strength as they deal with the illness.

      Client Service Team

      • Teresa "Terrie" Emch - Client Service Associate
        My Client Service Associate is Teresa “Terrie” Emch.  Terrie and I have been together since I moved to the Perrysburg office in 2009.  Terrie is married to Mike and together they have two adult children Chad and Alyssa.  In the past few years Terrie and her husband have also  become grandparents to Julian Michael Emch and Dominic Jack Emch.  

        Terrie began her career with Merrill Lynch in 1998.  Together we’ve formed a wonderful working relationship where her and I have developed strong relationship with the clients we serve.


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      Working with you to understand your life goals and develop a personalized wealth strategy. Today and for the years to come.
      • 401(k) Rollovers
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      The Simple Six-Step Retirement Checkup

      The Simple Six-Step Retirement Checkup

      Given market volatility in 2018, checking in on your retirement plan may be one of the wisest New Year’s resolutions you can make.


      Working closely with you to guide your wealth and investments through the most challenging market cycles.
      • Asset Management
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      Investing in Artificial Intelligence and Automation

      Investing in Artificial Intelligence and Automation

      AI is an exciting growth area, but the investing opportunities are not always obvious. Here’s how to integrate this theme into your portfolio.


      Creating customized financial strategies for the challenges that today's families face.
      • Estate Planning Strategies
      • 529 Plans / Education Savings Planning
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      A Parent's Guide to Talking to Your Kids About Money

      A Parent's Guide to Talking to Your Kids About Money

      Raising kids to be smart about money requires creating an environment where they are neither insecure, nor overconfident about family finances.

      Business Planning

      Helping you on key aspects of your business such as ownership, liquidity and developing opportunities.
      • Succession Planning
      • Business Planning
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      6 Keys to Building a Startup

      6 Keys to Building a Startup

      Entrepreneurs share ideas and learnings from the experience of starting a company.


      Making sure your philanthropic dollars are managed with the same high quality service as the rest of your wealth.
      • Endowments
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      Choosing an Environmental Charity

      Choosing an Environmental Charity

      There are a multitude of non-profits dedicated to helping protect the environment. Here’s how to choose where you want to give.

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      “You may feel like a 1,000 point move in the Dow in a single day is unprecedented, but the reality is that it’s a 2 or 3% move down.” - Lisa Shalett, Chief Investment Officer, Wealth Management
      Morgan Stanley and Justin Rose: A Winning Team

      Morgan Stanley and Justin Rose: A Winning Team

      Morgan Stanley and our brand ambassador, PGA TOUR champion Justin Rose, share a set of core values and a common cause: giving books to children in need.
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      Reserved | Living & Giving

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